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Getting Unstuck

Every Monday I receive a Soul Card Reading from Saskia Roell. I often find the cards she shares to be inspirational and insightful. A recent card from the Esther and Abraham Hicks Ask and It Is Given card deck was something I felt I should share. The card reads:

Life Is Always in Motion, So It Cannot be “Stuck”:

It is not possible to stand still or be stuck, because Energy, and therefore life, is always in motion. Things are always changing . . . The reason it may feel to you as if you are stuck is because, while you are continuing to think the same thought, things are changing – but they are changing to the same things over and over.

Pow! Did that hit you between the eyes like it did me?

I can certainly remember times in my life when things felt stuck. I was in a rut. I had dreams, but what I experienced every day was the same feeling of being trapped. Life was a prison, a monotony. And, yes, I also had the same thoughts every day. I restricted what I thought I could do. I assumed I had to accept poor behavior coming my way. I was stuck in believing that what I was experiencing was all I could expect in life. I didn’t know or believe I had the power to create the life I wanted.

groundhog day movieThis reminds me of the brilliant movie Groundhog Day. In the movie based on a book, the lead character experiences the same day over and over again – for years. The same words spoken by others, the same responsibilities, the same events. At first, he feels a victim of events. He feels trapped in the drudgery of experiencing the same day again and again. And then he changes. He decides to live his life more fully. He learns new things. He practices new skills. He gives back to the community. And when he starts approaching his day differently, suddenly his whole experience shifts and changes.

What do you feel trapped by right now? What feels like repetitive drudgery? Where do you feel stuck? Where do you feel like you are sentenced to a fate you can not change?

Now, look at your thoughts. How are the expectations of this issue creating your undesired outcome? How can you change your thoughts, beliefs, and actions just a bit to create a different outcome?

Sometimes this change of thought is fairly easy. Instead of walking into work already assuming it is going to be the same unproductive, unfulfilling day as it was yesterday, you can shift your mindset to expect something new, something that will challenge and fulfill you, a day of work you can be excited and proud about.

Other times, trying to look at things differently can be challenging. When it comes to our health, violent crime around us, or a political policy we can not directly affect, we may feel stuck and trapped. But even here we have a choice. What you focus on is what you bring into your life. Is your focus on the negative, or on solutions? Are you resigned to the genetics you were born with, or are you looking for new ways to eat and move to reduce your symptoms? Are you solely drinking in the negativity of world news, or are you breathing in some of the wonders of our world?

Take a look at what is stuck in your life right now. Examine how you see the situation, and how your thoughts brought you this experience. Explore how you can change your thoughts and perspective to bring in something fresh and new. Then have the courage to take the step toward creating the life you desire.

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