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log in the water with grass growing on top

I saw this grassy log at our marina the other day.  How the heck did the grass get on there?  And how did it grow so strong in such an unexpected spot?  Where there is a will, there is a way, right?  But what happens when the way seems bigger than one’s will?  Lately the theme of obstacles has been coming up for many of my clients and it is appearing in different ways.

For instance, one client sees little bumps in the road as warning signs that she is headed in the wrong direction.  When there is the least bit of resistance or difficulty instead of seeing it as a bump in the road and the normal blimps in getting something done, this client sees it as a strong message that she was not meant to have what she desires.  Does this happen to you? When it does, ask yourself what is your level of dedication and passion toward your desires?  Do you think you deserve it?  Are you afraid of rolling up your sleeves so you use “it’s not meant to be” as an excuse of not making an effort?  Why are you giving up on your dreams so quickly?

Or is the obstacle an honest message that this direction or goal is not appropriate for you?  To determine if the obstacle is a warning to change directions or a legitimate issue to overcome, check in with your effort.  If you are making a good effort and it feels like swimming through caramel, it is probably frustrating but in alignment with you.  On the other hand, if you are trying to force something to happen, trying to make it conform to your wishes, then it is probably out of alignment.  Check in with your own discernment.  Are you trying to make something work because it is the easy way out but not your true desires?  Or are you trying to fulfill the expectations of others?  Also be sure that you are not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  An obstacle may not be a warning that your goals are off, but it may be a warning that the path you are on will not get you where you want to go.  Don’t give up your destination, just look for a new path.

Another way obstacles appear is mistaking potholes for the Grand Canyon.  So often our mind goes three or four steps past the current reality and makes a mountain out of a molehill.  It is like focusing on the obstacle of landing your first job as an attorney when you have not even started undergrad yet.  Yes, becoming an attorney may be your ultimate goal, but your challenge right now is completing your freshman year in college.  Keep your obstacles at pothole level so that you can continue to make progress.  Baby steps help you move forward so eventually you cross the Grand Canyon.

Keep your goal in mind and focus your efforts on that goal.  Don’t be deterred if you have to take a different path than you expected or if there are more bumps in the road than you would like.  Keep your eye on the prize and continue to make steps toward your goal.  They do not need to be huge leaps.  Do what you feel comfortable with but continue to make progress.  Your determination will help you accomplish your dreams.

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