A Witch's Aura

Medical Issues Lead to a Writing Career – Devon Volkel

A young mother experiences a difficult birth and illness of her first child and then a difficult choice when her own illness affects her next pregnancy. Learn how writing became a saving grace and sense of hope during this difficult time. Devon Volkel is now a 30 year old stay at home mom to a […]

Opening Our Eyes movie

I Will Not Refuse – Gail Mooney & Erin Kelly producers of Opening Our Eyes

I watched a wonderful film the other day, Opening Our Eyes: Global Stores about the Power of One.  The movie shows individuals all across the world and close to home who are making a difference.  Whether they are opening orphanages and schools in Nepal, providing clean water in Peru, or helping the teen homeless population […]

Babes with Blades Theatre

Make the Most of Who You Are – Babes with Blades Theatre Company

This spring I had the opportunity to see Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, twice.  Once was at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier.  They had an enormous cast of twenty-eight with grand sets and heart-stopping special effects.  It was powerful and moving.  The second time I saw the production it was performed by Babes with Blade […]

The Empowerment Show

Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things – documentary filmmakers Sarah Moshman and Dana Michelle Cook on The Empowerment Show

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Women’s Exchange in Winnetka to hear a talk by two documentary filmmakers. When I arrived I was surprised to find two young women, Sarah Moshman and Dana Michelle Cook, with a purpose. The goal of “The Empowerment Project” is to create positive content for women by […]