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Brand You

People buy from people; they do not just buy products.  Think about your favorite store.  Do you shop there just because of their inventory, or do you shop there because of the feeling you experience and the customer service you receive?  The same is true for your business.  It is not just about the product or service you are selling, but it is about YOU.

What is Brand You?  Brand You is composed of four (4) parts:  Who, What, How, Why.


Who – Who do you serve?  All too often business owners think that their product is right for everyone or that they need to sell to everyone to survive.  The adage is “if you are everything to everyone, you are nothing to nobody.”  By defining and focusing on your true ideal customer, you will save marketing dollars, spend your time where you can gain the biggest benefit, and receive the highest conversion rate.

What – What do you provide?  This is not only the product or service you provide, but more importantly it is the problem you solve or the benefit received.  People do not want to buy an automobile.  What they do want is to safely arrive at work each morning, they want a way to deliver three children and gear to soccer practice on time, or they want the thrill of a high performance experience.  What is the problem you solve?

How – How do you do it?  What is the system, process, or experience you provide?  How you deliver your product or service is unique to you.  Many people may provide the same item but how you personally provide it is a unique differentiator.

Why – Why do you do what you do?  This is an aspect that is often overlooked, but is also most often the reason people will buy from you.  It is your passion.  It is what makes you special and why you are perfect to work with your ideal customer.  What is your mission and reason for providing the work you do?

Take some time to answer the questions above for you and your business.  The answers will lead you to the brand, tagline, look, and feel for your company which will lead to more revenue because you will attract the right people who will understand and be attracted to what you have to offer.  Everyone has a personal brand.  What is yours?

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