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Melissa Heisler, Empowerment Coach
Melissa Heisler, Empowerment Coach

As I have been sharing over the last few months, this fall I have been working on rebranding my company.  It has been an interesting process with ups and downs.  After some false starts, I finally followed my own advice.  Instead of using the standard textbook business procedure for branding, I really dug deep to uncover brand me.  Standard practices have companies start with defining their product and their target market.  Research is done to determine the most powerful position to take by identifying the most profitable under-served demographic.  And it works . . . for a product.  But I am not a product.  I am me.

My first step to finding brand me was to hire a marketing strategist who was adept at seeing my inside.  I needed to be held accountable.  I needed to be pushed to say my truth which was often glossed over.  I needed to be asked the hard questions.  I needed and desperately wanted to be released from the preconceived notions from my marketing background so I could allow the truth of my life’s purpose to be revealed and embraced.  Through a series of meetings, meditations, and sparks of insight, my true gift and passion emerged to define my true brand.

The next hurdle was execution.  Could I stay true to expressing brand me on my website, in my programs, and throughout the social media world?  When I created my marketing years ago, it was very difficult for me to truly be me.  I thought I had to talk, look, write, speak, and appear like a professional coach (whatever that was).  I put on a persona.  My original website was masterfully created but the content didn’t truly express me.  Fortunately this time it was easier.  I had seen how trying to be something other than myself not only drained me but also resulted in limited success.  People can tell when we are acting.

This time would be different.  This time I would take the risk to expose my true self without fear of rejection.  For I had learned for everyone who rejects me, there are many others who find my personal viewpoint and attitude refreshing.  With this new attitude, I created new website and marketing text in my words expressing my truth.  I worked with a company to help me learn how to show my true essence via video.  I hired a wonderful artist to update my logo to express visually what It’s MY Life is all about.  Every piece of my marketing was reviewed not by current business standards, but by how much it reflects my truth.

Hope you enjoy seeing my new Type-ME Business be revealed through a new website as well as new programs and offerings.  And please do me a favor and call me on anything you feel is false.  I am hoping to lead my example and with your support, I can stay true to my personal Type-ME.

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