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A List for Santa

How many of us remember writing letters to Santa for Christmas gifts?

I know I would spend hours with the Sears Christmas catalog, scanning every page, imagining what it would be like to have this toy, that doll, or the latest board game.  (Collectible horses were my favorite.)  Then I would carefully write my list and post it on the refrigerator for all to see – and for Santa to fulfill.

When was the last time we took the same effort to determine and ask for what we want in our life?  You know, really looking at all the options out there, reviewing each one, mentally trying each one on for size, and then writing a wish list of how we desire to live.  My guess is that many of us do not take the time.  But what happened when we were young and responded, ” I don’t know” to Aunt Sally’s question of what we wanted?  That year’s gifts were tube socks, pajamas, and a well-meaning but misguided gift.

Not detailing what you want in life is like telling Aunt Sally, “I don’t know.”  There is no telling what you will receive, but my guess is that it will not be what you truly desire.  Instead take the time to uncover and spell out what you would like.  By defining what you want, your actions and efforts will be more focused on what it is that you want and amazing serendipity will appear – or in the very least by being aware of what you desire in your life you can identify what is in your life that you do not desire and you can work on making changes.

There are many lists we make during the holidays – what gifts to buy friends and family, to whom we are sending cards, and what we need for that big family meal.  I would like you to add one more list to your to do’s this holiday season.  Make a list of what you want in your life in 2010.  Look at your health, your prosperity, your career, your family, your relationships, where and how you live, your hobbies, and your faith.  This does not need to be a pie in the sky list of the million dollar job and Prince Charming arriving at your door, but truly review all aspects of your life.  What do you need in your life to feel content, to feel fulfilled, to feel happy?  Do you need an hour every night to connect to your friends on Facebook because you miss having your college buddies around?  Do you want to take knitting back up because you enjoy the creative nature of that hobby?  Do you want to begin studying a new subject to broaden your knowledge?  Do you want to gift yourself with good health by giving your body what it needs?

To make your list, find a nice piece of paper and create eight sections.  These sections can be columns or circles, or any visual configuration that works for you.  Label the sections: Business/Career, Fun & Recreation, Health, Romance, Physical Environment, Personal Growth, Finances, and Friends & Family. Under each section describe in detail what you would like.  Remember to include how you would feel if you had what you describe.  So instead of writing, “more friends,” try writing “laughing and joking with many friends.” The second description paints a visual and emotional picture of what you want to experience.  This picture will help you better determine when you have reached your goal.  Once you have your list, post it on your refrigerator so you can see it every day.  Check in with the list frequently to help you focus on creating the life that you truly desire.

Share your list with us to help focus and solidify your efforts and inspire others.  Happy Wishing!

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